Time spent with family is time well spent

Waiting at the airport

So today we’ve literally just waved off a weekend of lovely visitors and family time, mostly spent eating, due to terrible weather! Inevitably we’ve got that rubbish sad feeling you get after anything you’ve been really looking forward to and with a plane journey standing in the way of it happening again soon, it’s not always easily resolved.

Henry & Flossie’s beloved ‘Nanapops’

When you live near your family it’s so easy to take for granted the time you spend with them. The ease of popping over to your parents on a weekend and catching up on the weeks events, is something you don’t even really think about when you have the option. Weekends with family bring familiar faces and happy listening ears as well as extra pairs of hands to help with the little ones 😉. 

Henry braving new heights!

This is one of the things I’ve really missed whilst living here, not only do you miss out on significant events, like nieces and nephews birthdays and family gatherings, you also miss out on the general catch ups like I mentioned above. You sort of have to make your own entertainment each weekend and sometimes that can be with just the same four people a few weekends in a row. Don’t get me wrong I love our dynamic as a foursome but it’s also really good to get out and socialise as a family. Luckily we have some great friends here that we do often see, that keep my husband and I from telling each other the same things over and over and talking about the kids all weekend!

Floss started waving this weekend

Living away from family you do sort of live on a continuous countdown to the next visit or trip home, they always seem so far away and then go in a flash. But looking on the bright side the time we do spend with our families is wonderful. The children love having people to stay, especially Henry who does love a good jump on a put you up mattress 😉 and they also love going back to England and staying with their grandparents. During these times we tend to make the most of activities in both Gibraltar/Spain and near home in the uk, that we wouldn’t normally do if our life was based solely in one place. Doing this we’ve made some amazing memories for us all to look back on.

Yummy lunch with Grandma

As I mentioned before the weather here has been horrendous this weekend. It’s been seriously windy and a bit wet but since we’ve been living here catching up with family has never been dictated by the weather. When you live apart, it’s nice to just spend time together no matter what you do.

Windswept is an understatement

We’ve basically frequented Gibraltar’s cafes and restaurants and I for one, have definitely eaten way too much but do I care.. no. Well maybe a little bit because I now feel like I have to reign it in and that’s frankly quite boring. 

Asides from eating tasty food we also took a trip to the park in a sunny moment and the children were spoilt with lots of new toys and treats! 

Often after visitors Henry takes it pretty hard. He has a weekend full of undivided attention and then he’s left with just…me. Which in turn makes my life a bit unbearable for a couple of days. However so far today we’re doing ok, though I am sat writing this whilst lying on the floor playing Thomas (basically I answer yes and no and repeat things he tells me to). Here’s hoping my company is enough to keep him happy!! 

One thought on “Time spent with family is time well spent

  1. Postcard from Gibraltar says:

    It is hard living away from family. Hopefully when our kids grow up they will appreciate that they had this exciting period in their lives when they lived somewhere different. Certainly friends here begin to feel like part of the family which I don’t think we’d have experienced if we hadn’t moved abroad. The crummy weather at present doesn’t help with homesickness, a bright blue sky usually does the trick for me and they have been sadly lacking of late 😊

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