Easter in the UK 

Cousins 🙂

Since moving to Gibraltar all of our ‘holidays’ mostly involve going back to the uk. Sort of the reverse of what holidays used to mean and it certainly isn’t terribly relaxing but nevertheless I love going home and seeing all my loved ones. I usually try to go back for a few weeks at a time so we have enough time to see everyone we want to see and do everything we want to do. Obviously my husband isn’t really able to take 3 weeks off work every few months so mostly I go with the kids first and then he joins us. We’re really lucky that we have lots of places to stay when in the uk and mum very kindly insures me on her car which makes it much easier to get about. 

On the land train, Bournemouth Beach

Whenever we go back I usually have a long list of things I want to do or need to get and a huge pile of parcels I’ve pre-ordered because I severely underrated the ease of the Uk postal service before moving to Gib. This time I ordered Floss a load of pre-worn Next clothes in size 9-12 months as her wardrobe was getting a bit thin on the ground. Ahh the luxury of having choice! 

This is going to sound really sad but I also LOVE going to Sainsbury’s when we’re home 😂 seriously Saino’s is the best supermarket ever and their clothing section is unrivalled, especially for kids. I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have complimented something the kids are wearing and I’ve told them it’s from Sainsbury’s. They also do 25% off events and seeing as I usually come back over holiday times they quite handily coincide with our trips! The kids had a fair bit of Easter money so I stocked up! I definitely find the girls section better than the boys but isn’t that the case everywhere?? My mum assures me there’s much more choice for boys now than there was when we were little.. that’s got to explain why my brother wore a football kit for most of his youth right? 

Rainy day at Honeybrook

I sort of feel like going home is like going somewhere like America when you see all this amazing stuff you’d love to do or buy but you can’t do it unless you live in the US. That’s what it’s like returning to the uk from Gib, only Universal Studios and Disney World are the equivalent to Honeybrook Farm or Legoland. We managed to fit in a trip to both of these whilst back. H really seems to enjoy a trip to the farm and loves having a hold of some of the smaller animals especially guinea pigs (mummy loves them too) Mummy definitely did not bring back appropriate attire for a rainy day at the farm and nanny wasn’t overly impressed with the mud in the back of her brand new car.. but we did have fun and we were able to meet up with a very dear friend of ours who has moved back to the uk from Gibraltar. 

Look at those eye bags!

We were also lucky enough to meet up with some more friends who have recently moved back and seeing as Windsor was half way between our two locations Legoland seemed the perfect choice. Mega pricey though!! Can’t believe they don’t have a cheaper rate for children.. luckily we managed to pick up 2-4-1 vouchers from the back of the cereal packet, I had to sacrifice my diet for the sake of a packet of Krave but you know how us mummy’s make sacrifices…

We also made the most of the beautiful beaches Bournemouth and Poole have to offer. H seriously loves the beach, he’d just dig in the sand all day if he could. I think if he were an only child I’d definitely be at the stage where I could take my book or crochet and have an hour or so’s peace. However seeing as I have a sand eating, fast crawling monster to contend with this wasn’t the case this time. Actually Henry got a little bit burnt on the beach, I literally felt so awful. It was quite a windy chilly day and I just got caught out. I should have known better and certainly won’t be doing that again, he was fine but my conscience wasn’t. 

I of course made a couple of trips to my fave, primani, and Henry filled up his ‘Pom Pom’ jar (marble jar but minus the choking hazard) which meant he was allowed a Build a Bear. He’s never had one before and we may just stick to the one… not only is it really expensive but he was petrified of the machine that stuffs the bear! I’ve mentioned before that he’s really sensitive to loud noises like the Hoover and especially a hand dryer, well this makes that exact noise. It’s like the reverse of a hoover filling the toy up with stuffing. Omg was awful, the whole point of going in there is to customise their chosen toy (H got Marshall from Paw Patrol and Floss got a Poppy Troll) but he was so upset by the noise he had to leave the shop. This noise issue is becoming an increasing recurrence at the moment. He does love his Marshall though so all is not completely lost. 

As well as all this wonderful stuff we went to Track Party (train lovers look it up) saw lots of lovely people, and ate copious amounts of chocolate and takeaway. 

Now can you see why I was exhausted?! I felt like I just couldn’t catch up, soooooo tired, it was worth it though of course! 

One thought on “Easter in the UK 

  1. Postcard from Gibraltar says:

    Looks like you had a very busy but fun time! I know exactly what you mean about shopping back in the U.K. I look forward to it so much when I know I’m heading home but when I get to the shops I get overwhelmed with the choice as I’m not used to it anymore! I usually visit 3 or 4 shops and then have to head home because my head’s swimming!!


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