You’re One!

I can’t believe you’re one! The lead up to your birthday has been slightly different this time round. As we get closer to the date I keep thinking back to how I felt this time last year and how the next couple of months panned out. It’s been a really tough year looking after you and your brother and finding a routine that works for us adapting it as you both grow and change. I, for one, have found it harder than I imagined living away from all that I know and learning anew how to care for a baby with a completely different personality to her brother’s, without the support of my loved ones. But having you, my baby girl, has made me stronger than ever. I love you and your brother so much, my heart feels full to bursting. That’s not to say you haven’t tested us with your dislike for sleep and full on hatred for the car! You’ve definitely put my sleep deprivation and multi-tasking capabilities to good use that’s for sure!

I remember wishing you older, wishing you to be more independent, wishing you to go to bed at 7 and wake up at 7 and have more than a 45 min nap. But now we’ve reached your 1st birthday I feel sad I wished for that. 

You’re walking, chattering (mainly pointing and saying ‘whassat?’), playing and you love to chill with mummy on the sofa. You also have a slightly strange, albeit hilarious, obsession with hooking my knickers or anything material-like around your neck or on your head. You know your funny and you actively search out someone to show them what you’ve done. You love putting things into boxes/bags/buckets and taking them all back out again and recently you’ve discovered Henry’s little chair and sit on it like you’re a princess on your throne. 

You’re growing up and already that tiny baby seems such a distant memory. I’m worried I’ll forget it but I’m sure the million and one pictures and videos I’ve taken will help jog my memory. I’ll happily forget the rubbish nights sleep but that’s something you, yourself, have a brilliant way of reminding us about.. 😴

It’s been so lovely to see the relationship between you and Henry unfold. It’s been rocky.. but it’s getting there and it’s plain to see he loves you as much as we all do. (Though as I’m writing this they’re fighting over trains.. she does know how to wind him up! 😂) 

Of course I can’t write this without mentioning the clothes…. omg I have LOVED every minute of dressing you, shopping for you, doing your hair with clips and bows, and more recently making you outfits. Your the little dolly I always imagined and not one bit of time has been wasted being your personal stylist. Your curls are growing in abundance and I practically clap with glee when I see them. You’re so gorgeous and you don’t even know it yet! 
Who knows what the next year may bring.I already see the tantrums looming on the horizon.. but I’m ready for them this time round and who knows, you might let me off a bit more than your big bro did. (Yeh right)

So let’s eat cake, open pressies and toast to you darling Flossie, may you forever be my baby girl xxx

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